A Collection of Online Interactive Tests & Quizes 心 理 測 驗 和 遊 戲

A Collection of Online Interactive Tests & Quizes


  • Life Expectancy Test
  • Are you uptight about sex? sexual anxiety inventory
  • Are you in love? The love scale
  • Are you a high sensation seeker? Sensation seeking scale
  • The Index of Sexual Satisfaction
  • Are you eating smart?
  • Whose orgasm is this? A quiz for testing your understanding of males' and females' experiences during orgasms.
  • How anxious are you?
  • Sexuality Scale
  • How well do you manage your time?
  • Do you have enough knowledge in HIV and AIDS?
  • How knowledgeable about sex are you?
  • Opener scale
  • NYU Lonelines Scale
  • How hostile are you?
  • Assertive Job-Hunting Survey
  • Self-Report Jealousy Scale
  • Argumentativeness Scale
  • Distinguishing Social Drinking from Problem Drinking.
  • Who determines your life? Locus of Control Scale
  • Life Orientation Test
  • Are you overweight?