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In a recent survey of approximately 162,000 students at 472 four-year colleges and universities (National Survey of Student Engagement), Benedictine College scored in the top 5 percent nationally for student-faculty interaction, supportive campus environment, and enriching educational experiences. The university staff to student ratio is 16:1.

Notable Alumni:
- Terrance W. Gainer, Sergeant-at-Arms of the U.S. Senate for the 110th United States Congress (January 4, 2007-present)
- Thomas Hoenig, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, earned his bachelors degree in economics at St. Benedicts College in 1968.
- Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laurete, earned her bachelors degree in biology at the Mount St. Scholastica College from 1960 to 1964.
- Jamie Mueller, Former professional NFL running back of the Buffalo Bills (1987-1990).


Notable Facts:
Benedictine College is one of the few colleges to continue the tradition of making incoming freshmen wear a beanie atop their heads for the first week of orientation. If an upperclassman or alumni spots a freshman without the beanie, they are required to "kaw like a raven" on top of the highest point in the area.